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Starting out as an all make and model Hearing Aid Repair Center in 1982, Jade Hearing Instruments has been deeply committed to servicing customers with complete hearing aid repair in the Detroit area. Since then, we began manufacturing our line of custom made hearing aids. We saw that there was an improvement that could be made in hearing aid technology, so we stepped up to the plate and filled in the gap. We take pride in helping our customers restore or improve their hearing. 

Since creating our line of custom made hearing aids in 1983, we have helped improve thousands of our customers' hearing. We produce and sell the finest hearing aid devices this area has to offer. Not only do we manufacture our own hearing devices, we also sell and repair all brands and models. So if you aren't looking to have one custom made, you can purchase one during your appointment.

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Efficient Hearing Repair Service

Jade Hearing Instruments not only manufacturers custom made hearing aids; we also offer efficient hearing repair service. Our customers that make a repair appointment are in and out within 15 minutes of their appointment. Walk-ins take a little longer. We service all brands and models that we sell in our office.

During an Appointment you will:

  • Receive a Complete Hearing Test
  • Receive Counseling for the right Hearing Aid
  • Manufacture your Custom Fit Aid

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